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Natural Gas Initiative is a cross-campus effort of theĀ Precourt Institute for Energy.

Natural Gas Emissions and Leakage

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Project TopicsĀ 

Micro Structures & Sensors Lab

The group's research focus in the area of Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) leverages silicon microfabrication techniques to create micro-devices that include ultra-stable timing references and high-performance sensors. Recent work encompasses the design, optimization, and effective realization of high-performance MEMS devices, as well as the integration of various types of sensors.

Micro Structure & Sensors Lab Website

Jackson Lab

The Jackson lab examines the different ways that people affect the Earth. Our projects combine basic science and policy solutions to issues such as climate change, energy extraction, and land use. We're currently examining the effects of climate change and droughts on forest mortality and grassland ecosystems. We recently published the first studies looking at fracking and drinking water quality and used laser technologies to map thousands of natural gas leaks across cities such as Boston, Manhattan, and Washington, D.C.

Environmental Assessment & Optimization Group

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The group focuses on building tools to reduce the environmental impacts of energy systems. One focus is on understanding greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) from fossil energy systems. Also, we build optimization tools to improve the environmental and economic performance of energy systems. Our approach includes building engineering-based bottom-up life cycle assessment (LCA) models to generate rigorous estimates of environmental impacts from energy extraction and conversion technologies. In optimization areas, we focus on renewable-fossil hybridization and integration.

Faculty & Researchers

Adam Brandt

NGI Director, Associate Professor in the Department of Energy Resources Engineering
Rob Jackson

Michelle and Kevin Douglas Provostial Professor and Senior Fellow at the Woods Institute for the Environment and at the Precourt Institute for Energy
Tom Kenny

Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Michael Wara

Director, Climate and Energy Policy Program and Senior Research Scholar, Woods Institute for the Environment, Stanford University

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