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NGI Workshop — Global Competition Between Coal and Natural Gas

Event Details:

Monday, October 15, 2018

NGI Workshop — Global Competition Between Coal and Natural Gas

This one-day workshop will bring together experts on the global competition between coal and natural gas. Drawing experts from the coal and natural gas industries, governments, and academia we will discuss how different countries are making decisions between these two fuels, how global markets are developing, and how changing technology, commercial, and policy drivers may influence the future of coal and natural gas around the world.

The meeting will be limited in size to allow for meaningful audience participation and open discussion organized around a number of speakers and panels.

Topics will include:

  1. Factors affecting global coal - natural gas competition
  2. Coal versus gas in backing up renewables
  3. Policy levers influencing coal-gas competition
  4. The future of U.S. coal

Stanford economists Frank Wolak and Mark Thurber will host this workshop, in cooperation with the Stanford Natural Gas Initiative.

We are currently finalizing workshop speakers and panelists and will release a draft agenda in August 2018. We welcome expressions of interest to either speak or attend

this workshop, directed to NGI Managing Director Brad Ritts at

Presentations (password required)


Opening Keynote: Coal Gas Competition and Energy Transitions, Francesco Mele, Azimuth Capital Management

Super-Panel Discussion Part 1: Factors Affecting Global Coal-Gas Competition & Part 2: Policy Levers on Coal-Gas Competition

  • Moderator: Frank Wolak, Stanford 
  • Sam Andrus, IHS Markit
  • Najla Jamoussi, Cheniere
  • Mark Thurber, Stanford
  • Todd Snitchler, API

Panel Discussion: Coal vs. Gas in Backing Up Renewables

  • Tim Gardner, IHS Markit
  • Sandip Sharma, ERCOT

Asia Focus Session – Speakers and Open Discussion

  • Bob Ineson, IHS Markit – Global LNG and evolving LNG markets in Asia
  • Karthick Ganesan, Council on Energy, Environment, and Water – Coal versus natural gas in India
  • Deborah Byers, Ernst and Young, LLP – China and India Focus

Panel Discussion: The Future of US Coal

  • Howard Gruenspecht, MIT

Confirmed Speakers

  • Francesco Mele, Partner, Azimuth Capital Management
  • Ted O'Brien. Capital Markets and Marketing, XCoal
  • Sam Andrus, Executive Director, North America Gas, IHS Markit
  • Najla Jamoussi, Director, Market Fundamentals - Global LNG, Cheniere
  • Todd Snitchler, Group Director, Market Development, API
  • Kelly Carmichael, Vice President, Environmental, NiSource
  • Morgan Bazilian, Executive Director, Colorado School of Mines
  • Mark Thurber, Stanford
  • Frank Wolak, Stanford

Admission: Affiliated members, Stanford community and guests

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