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NGI Week: Subsurface Data Science Inaugural Workshop

Event Details:

Monday, October 7, 2019

Subsurface Data Science Inaugural Workshop

Digital geoscience and engineering tools related to subsurface characterization, modeling and simulation are being leveraged in many industries to improve our understanding of the subsurface and the efficiency of interpretation workflows. In oil & gas, groundwater monitoring, and geo-hazard mitigation, data science is being applied at an unprecedented rate to enable a rapid and multidisciplinary approach to processing enormous volumes of data. However, there is a need to integrate the new data-centric technology tools with our in-depth understanding and numerical modeling capabilities of the geology and physics of the Earth, wave-propagation phenomena, and reservoir systems. Additionally, advanced subsurface data analytics requires specialized data management tools because subsurface data includes complex spatial and temporal measurement data (e.g., seismic; well logs, INSAR, etc.) not found in other industries.

Stanford Earth is well positioned to take a lead role in the application of subsurface data science for three main reasons: our theoretical understanding of Earth systems; our relationship with industry through affiliate programs and collaborating partners; and our strong ties to Silicon Valley and many energy technology companies. In this inaugural Stanford Subsurface Data Science workshop, we will:

  1. Share data science research going on across many Stanford programs to foster collaboration and innovation internally and externally
  2. Provide an opportunity for better connection and communication between Stanford, and external partners (Silicon Valley, industry and government agencies) through focused roundtable discussions and a networking reception

Admission: NGI Members and Guests

Presentations (password required)

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