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NGI Week: Gas & Renewable Markets Workshop

Event Details:

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Gas and Renewable Markets Workshop 

Rising wind and solar output in California will place new demands on natural gas markets and the gas-fired generation fleet. As the share of renewable generation grows toward the state’s targets of 50% in 2026 and 60% in 2030, gas-fired power plants will be even more critical for backup generation during periods of low wind and solar. The gas grid will have to ensure that gas-fired units across the state receive gas wherever and whenever they need it to manage increasingly large variations in renewable output. At the same time, more frequent periods of low electricity prices when wind and solar output are high may strain the financial models of “baseload” power plants.

We will explore these linkages between gas and renewable energy markets using a web-based energy market game that has been developed at the Program on Energy and Sustainable Development at Stanford. Workshop participants will play the role of generating companies facing high-renewable-energy scenarios. As the share of renewable energy is increased, participants will be able to adjust their gas-fired generation portfolios in an effort to maintain financial viability. In another game scenario, participants will have the option of hedging their exposure to short-term natural gas prices that could spike due to gas supply constraints in periods of low wind and solar output. The workshop will conclude with a discussion about the policy and business implications of these gas-renewable linkages in a high-renewables world.

Presentations (password required)

If you plan to attend, please bring a laptop computer for use in playing the game.

Admission: NGI Members and Guests

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