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Research Papers


Natural Gas in East Africa: Domestic and Regional Use The Stanford Natural Gas Initiative Usua U. Amanam 04/2017; : 21 PDF icon Energy Poverty - White Paper IV
CO2 Storage and Flow Capacity Measurements on Idealized Shales from Dynamic Breakthrough Experiments Energy & Fuels Aljamaan, H., Holmes, R., Vishal, V., Haghpanah, R., Wilcox, J., Kovscek, A. R. 01/2017; : PDF icon acs.energyfuels.6b02286.pdf
Reducing Energy Poverty with Natural Gas: Symposium Action Paper The Stanford Natural Gas Initiative Usua U. Amanam and Tisha Schuller 08/2017; : 33 PDF icon Reducing Energy Poverty with Natural Gas: Symposium Action Paper
Designing better methane mitigation policies: The challenge of distributed small sources in the natural gas sector Environmental Research Letters 12 044023 Ravikumar, A.P., A.R. Brandt 04/2017; : PDF icon Ravikumar_2017_Environ._Res._Lett._12_044023.pdf
Electricity Market Design and Renewables Integration in Developing Countries Goran Strbac, Frank A. Wolak 02/2017; : PDF icon Wolak_Feb_2017.pdf
Permeability Evolution of Slowly Slipping Faults in Shale Reservoirs Geophysical Research Letters Wu, W., Reece, J. S., Gensterblum, Y., Zoback, M. D. 11/2017; : PDF icon 2017GL075506.pdf
Lithology-controlled stress variations and pad-scale faults: A case study of hydraulic fracturing in the Woodford Shale, Oklahoma Geophysics Ma, X., Zoback, M. D. 10/2017; : PDF icon geo2017-0044.1.pdf
Direct forecasting of reservoir performance using production data without history matching COMPUTATIONAL GEOSCIENCES Satija, A., Scheidt, C., Li, L., Caers, J. 01/2017; : PDF icon Satija2017_Article_DirectForecastingOfReservoirPe.pdf
Laboratory experiments simulating poroelastic stress changes associated with depletion and injection in low-porosity sedimentary rocks JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-SOLID EARTH Ma, X., Zoback, M. D. 10/2017; : PDF icon geo2017-0044.1(1).pdf
Cokriging for multivariate Hilbert space valued random fields: application to multi-fidelity computer code emulation Grujoc, O., Menafoglio, A., Caers , J. 11/2017; : PDF icon Grujic2018_Article_CokrigingForMultivariateHilber.pdf
Methane, black carbon, and ethane emissions from natural gas flares in the Bakken Shale, ND. Environmental Science & Technology Gvakharia, A., E.A. Kort, M.L. Smith, J. Peischl, J.P. Schwarz, A.R. Brandt, T.B. Ryerson, C. Sweeney. 04/2017; : PDF icon acs.est_.6b05183.pdf
Utilizing a viscoplastic stress relaxation model to study vertical hydraulic fracture propagation in the Permian Basin Xu, S., Rassouli, F. S., Zoback, M. D. 07/2017; : PDF icon xu_et_al_2017_utilizing_a_viscoplastic_stress_relaxation_model_to_study_vertical_hydraulic_fracture_propagation_in_permian_basin.pdf
Quantifying structural uncertainty on fault networks using a marked point process within a Bayesian framework Technophysics Aydin, O., Caers , J. 08/2017; :
High-temperature crystallization of nanocrystals into three-dimensional superlattices Nature Wu, L., Willis, J. J., McKay, I., Diroll, B. T., Qin, J., Cargnello, M., Tassone, C. J. 08/2017; :