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Research Papers


Tax brown energy or subsidize green? The choice is easy FRANK A. WOLAK 02/2019; :
Advancing Scientific Understanding of the Global Methane Budget in Support of the Paris Agreement Global Biogeochemical Cycles Ganesan, Schwietzke, Poulter, Arnold, Rigby,. Vogel, et al 12/2019; : PDF icon 2018GB006065(1).pdf
Aqueous Electrochemical Reduction of Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide into Methanol with Cobalt Phthalocyanine Angewandte Chemie (International ed. in English) Boutin, E., Wang, M., Lin, J. C., Mesnage, M., Mendoza, D., Lassalle-Kaiser, B., Hahn, C., Jaramillo, T., Robert, M. 12/2018; :
A carbon tax to fund increased border security? Frank A. Wolak 01/2019; :
Global Carbon Budget 2019 EARTH SYSTEM SCIENCE DATA Friedlingstein, P., Jones, M. W., O'Sullivan, M., Andrew, R. M., Hauck, J., Peters, G. P., Peters, W., Pongratz, J., et al 12/2019; :
Electro-Oxidation of Methane on Platinum under Ambient Conditions ACS CATALYSIS Boyd, M. J., Latimer, A. A., Dickens, C. F., Nielander, A. C., Hahn, C., Norskov, J. K., Higgins, D. C., Jaramillo, T. F. 03/2019; : PDF icon acscatal.9b01207.pdf
More than a decade of hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling research Environmental science. Processes & impacts Plata, D. L., Jackson, R. B., Vengosh, A., Mouser, P. J. 02/2019; :
Electrochemically converting carbon monoxide to liquid fuels by directing selectivity with electrode surface area Nature Catalysis Wang, L., Nitopi, S., Wong, A. B., Snider, J. L., Nielander, A. C., Morales-Guio, C. G., Orazov, M., Higgins, D. C., Hahn, C., Jaramillo, T. F. 06/2019; :
ZnO As an Active and Selective Catalyst for Electrochemical Water Oxidation to Hydrogen Peroxide ACS Catalysis Kelly, S. R., Shi, X., Back, S., Vallez, L., Park, S., Siahrostami, S., Zheng, X., Norskov, J. K. 04/2019; : PDF icon acscatal.8b04873.pdf
Interfacial engineering of gallium indium phosphide photoelectrodes for hydrogen evolution with precious metal and non-precious metal based catalysts Britto, R. J., Young, J. L., Yang, Y., Steiner, M. A., LaFehr, D. T., Friedman, D. J., Beard, M., Deutsch, T. G., Jaramillo, T. F. 07/2019; :
Enhancing Electrocatalytic Water Splitting by Strain Engineering Advanced Materials You, B., Tang, M. T., Tsai, C., Abild-Pedersen, F., Zheng, X., Li, H. 02/2019; :
A Versatile Method for Ammonia Detection in a Range of Relevant Electrolytes via Direct Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Techniques ACS CATALYSIS Nielander, A. C., McEnaney, J. M., Schwalbe, J. A., Baker, J. G., Blair, S. J., Wang, L., Pelton, J. G., Andersen, S. Z., Enemark-Rasmussen, K., Colic, V., Yang, S., Bent, S. F., Cargnello, M., Kibsgaard, J., Vesborg, P. K., Chorkendorff, I., Jaramillo, T 03/2019; : PDF icon acscatal.9b00358.pdf
Proton control in electrochemical ammonia synthesis American Chemical Society Schwalbe, J., Singh, A., Rohr, B., Statt, M., Nielander, A., McEnaney, J., Andersen, S., Colic, V., Yang, S., Chorkendorff, I., Jaramillo, T., Norskov, J., Cargnello, M. 03/2019; :
Compact models for adaptive sampling in marine robotics INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ROBOTICS RESEARCH Fossum, T., Ryan, J., Mukerji, T., Eidsvik, J., Maughan, T., Ludvigsen, M., Rajan, K. 11/2019; : PDF icon 0278364919884141.pdf