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Research Papers


Quantifying structural uncertainty on fault networks using a marked point process within a Bayesian framework Technophysics Aydin, O., Caers , J. 08/2017; :
Error modeling for surrogates of dynamical systems using machine learning INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL FOR NUMERICAL METHODS IN ENGINEERING Trehan, S., Carlberg, K. T., Durlofsky, L. J. 05/2017; : PDF icon nme.5583.pdf
Retail Pricing to Support the 21st Century Distribution Grid SIEPR Frank A. Wolak 11/2017; : PDF icon SIEPR Policy Brief 11_2017.pdf
Laboratory experiments simulating poroelastic stress changes associated with depletion and injection in low-porosity sedimentary rocks JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-SOLID EARTH Ma, X., Zoback, M. D. 10/2017; : PDF icon geo2017-0044.1(1).pdf
Stochastic Simulation by Image Quilting of Process-based Geological Models Computers & Geosciences Hoffimann, J., Scheidt, C., Barfod, A., Caers, J. 09/2017; :
A New Data-Space Inversion Procedure for Efficient Uncertainty Quantification in Subsurface Flow Problems Mathematical Geosciences Sun, W., Durlofsky, L. J. 01/2017; : PDF icon Sun-Durlofsky2017_Article_ANewData-SpaceInversionProcedu.pdf
Utilizing a viscoplastic stress relaxation model to study vertical hydraulic fracture propagation in the Permian Basin Xu, S., Rassouli, F. S., Zoback, M. D. 07/2017; : PDF icon xu_et_al_2017_utilizing_a_viscoplastic_stress_relaxation_model_to_study_vertical_hydraulic_fracture_propagation_in_permian_basin.pdf
Production forecasting and uncertainty quantification for naturally fractured reservoirs using a new data-space inversion procedure Springer Sun, W., Hui, M., Durlofsky, L. J. 03/2017; : PDF icon Sun2017_Article_ProductionForecastingAndUncert.pdf
Estimating geomechanical parameters from microseismic plane focal mechanisms recorded during multistage hydraulic fracturing Geophysics Kuang, W., Zoback, M., Zhang, J. 01/2017; : PDF icon geo2015-0691.1.pdf
The impacts of effective stress and CO2 sorption on the matrix permeability of shale reservoir rocks Fuel Elsevier Zoback, M. D., Wu, W., Kohli, A. H. 09/2017; :
Methane, black carbon, and ethane emissions from natural gas flares in the Bakken Shale, ND. Environmental Science & Technology Gvakharia, A., E.A. Kort, M.L. Smith, J. Peischl, J.P. Schwarz, A.R. Brandt, T.B. Ryerson, C. Sweeney. 04/2017; : PDF icon acs.est_.6b05183.pdf
Fully Coupled Nonlinear Fluid Flow and Poroelasticity in Arbitrarily Fractured Porous Media: A Hybrid-Dimensional Computational Model Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth Jin , L., Zoback , M. D. 10/2017; : PDF icon 2017JB014892.pdf
Methane, Black Carbon, and Ethane Emissions from Natural Gas Flares in the Bakken Shale, North Dakota Environmental Science and Technology A Gvakharia, EA. Kort, A Brandt, J Peischl, TB Ryerson, JPSchwarz, ML. Smith, and C.Sweeney 04/2017; : PDF icon acs.est_.6b05183.pdf
Robust Method of Fabricating Epitaxially Encapsulated MEMS Devices with Large Gaps JOURNAL OF MICROELECTROMECHANICAL SYSTEMS Chen, Y., Flader, I. B., Shin, D. D., Ahn, C., Rodriguez, J., Kenny, T. W. 12/2017; : PDF icon 08081772.pdf