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Research Papers


Hydrostratigraphic modeling using multiple-point statistics and airborne transient electromagnetic methods Hydrology and Earth System Sciences Barfod, A. S., Moller, I., Christiansen, A. V., Hoyer, A., Hoffimann, J., Straubhaar, J., Caers, J. 06/2018; : PDF icon hess-22-3351-2018.pdf
Deconvoluting Transient Water Effects on the Activity of Pd Methane Combustion Catalysts Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research Huang, W., Goodman, E. D., Losch, P., Cargnello, M. 07/2018; : PDF icon acs.iecr_.8b01915.pdf
Cyclic-Voltammetry-Based Solid-State Gas Sensor for Methane and Other VOC Detection Analytical Chemistry Gross, P., Jaramillo, T., Pruitt, B. 04/2018; : PDF icon acs.analchem.8b00184.pdf
Uncertainty Quantification of Medium‐Term Heat Storage From Short‐Term Geophysical Experiments Using Bayesian Evidential Learning Water Resources Research Hermans, T., Nguyen, F., Klepikova, M., Dassargues, A., Caers, J. 04/2018; : PDF icon 2017WR022135.pdf
Low-Temperature Restructuring of CeO2-Supported Ru Nanoparticles Determines Selectivity in CO2 Catalytic Reduction Journal of the American Chemical Society Aitbekova, A., Wu, L., Wrasman, C. J., Boubnov, A., Hoffman, A. S., Goodman, E. D., Bare, S. R., Cargnello, M. 10/2018; :
Predicted and observed shear on pre-existing faults during hydraulic fracture stimulation SEG Mark D. Zoback and Jens-Erik Lund Snee 08/2018; :
Electrochemical cycling strategy for selective and sustainable C2H2 production from CO2 or CH4 at atmospheric pressure using H2O American Chemical Society McEnaney, J., Rohr, B., Nielander, A., Singh, A., Norskov, J., Jaramillo, T. 03/2018; :
High-efficiency oxygen reduction to hydrogen peroxide catalysed by oxidized carbon materials Nature Catalysis Lu, Z., Chen, G., Siahrostami, S., Chen, Z., Liu, K., Xie, J., Liao, L., Wu, T., Lin, D., Liu, Y., Jaramillo, T. F., Norskov, J. K., Cui, Y. 01/2018; :
Machine-learning-based modeling of coarse-scale error, with application to uncertainty quantification Computational Geosciences Trehan, S., Durlofsky, L. J. 05/2018; : PDF icon Trehan-Durlofsky2018_Article_Machine-learning-basedModeling.pdf
Microseismic evidence for horizontal hydraulic fractures in the Marcellus Shale, southeastern West Virginia The Leading Edge Allali, A., Zoback, M. D. 05/2018; : PDF icon tle37050356.1.pdf
A General Modeling Framework for Simulating Complex Recovery Processes in Fractured Reservoirs at Different Resolutions SPE Journal Hui, M. R. 04/2018; :
Reports of the Demise of Carbon Pricing are Greatly Exaggerated1 SIEPR Frank A. Wolak 08/2018; : PDF icon SIEPR Policy Brief 08_2018 v04.pdf
Rapid flame doping of Co to WS2 for efficient hydrogen evolution ENERGY & ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE Shi, X., Fields, M., Park, J., McEnaney, J. M., Yan, H., Zhang, Y., Tsai, C., Jaramillo, T. F., Sinclair, R., Norskov, J. K., Zheng, X 06/2018; :
Aerial Interyear Comparison and Quantification of Methane Emissions Persistence in the Bakken Formation of North Dakota, USA Environmental Science and Technology Englander, J. G., Brandt, A. R., Conley, S., Lyon, D. R., Jackson, R. B. 07/2018; :