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Research Papers


The relation between stimulated shear fractures and production in the Barnett shale: Implications for unconventional oil and gas reservoirs SEG Hakso, A., Zoback, M. D. 10/2019; :
A Deep-Learning-Based Geological Parameterization for History Matching Complex Models Mathematical Geosciences Liu, Y., Sun, W., Durlofsky, L. J. 03/2019; : PDF icon Liu2019_Article_ADeep-Learning-BasedGeological(1).pdf
Tax brown energy or subsidize green? The choice is easy FRANK A. WOLAK 02/2019; :
Machine vision for natural gas methane emissions detection using an infrared camera Applied Energy Wang, J., Tchapmi, L. P., Ravikumar, A. P., McGuire, M., Bell, C. S., Zimmerle, D., Savarese, S., Brandt, A. R. 10/2019; : PDF icon 1-s2.0-S030626191931685X-main.pdf
Electro-Oxidation of Methane on Platinum under Ambient Conditions ACS CATALYSIS Boyd, M. J., Latimer, A. A., Dickens, C. F., Nielander, A. C., Hahn, C., Norskov, J. K., Higgins, D. C., Jaramillo, T. F. 03/2019; : PDF icon acscatal.9b01207.pdf
A carbon tax to fund increased border security? Frank A. Wolak 01/2019; :
Clustering methods to find representative periods for the optimization of energy systems: An initial framework and comparison Applied Energy Holger Teichgraeber, Adam R.Brandt 02/2019; : PDF icon Clustering methods to find representative periods for the optimization of energy systems: An initial framework and comparison
Electrochemically converting carbon monoxide to liquid fuels by directing selectivity with electrode surface area Nature Catalysis Wang, L., Nitopi, S., Wong, A. B., Snider, J. L., Nielander, A. C., Morales-Guio, C. G., Orazov, M., Higgins, D. C., Hahn, C., Jaramillo, T. F. 06/2019; :
Three considerations for modeling natural gas system methane emissions in life cycle assessment Journal of Cleaner Production Emily A. Grubert, Adam R.Brandt 03/2019; : PDF icon Three considerations for modeling natural gas system methaneemissions in life cycle assessment
ZnO As an Active and Selective Catalyst for Electrochemical Water Oxidation to Hydrogen Peroxide ACS Catalysis Kelly, S. R., Shi, X., Back, S., Vallez, L., Park, S., Siahrostami, S., Zheng, X., Norskov, J. K. 04/2019; : PDF icon acscatal.8b04873.pdf
Interfacial engineering of gallium indium phosphide photoelectrodes for hydrogen evolution with precious metal and non-precious metal based catalysts Britto, R. J., Young, J. L., Yang, Y., Steiner, M. A., LaFehr, D. T., Friedman, D. J., Beard, M., Deutsch, T. G., Jaramillo, T. F. 07/2019; :
Biomethane addition to California transmission pipelines: Regional simulation of the impact of regulations Applied Energy Gregory A. Von Walda, Austin J.Stanion, Deepak Rajagopal, Adam R.Brandt 03/2019; :
Enhancing Electrocatalytic Water Splitting by Strain Engineering Advanced Materials You, B., Tang, M. T., Tsai, C., Abild-Pedersen, F., Zheng, X., Li, H. 02/2019; :
A Versatile Method for Ammonia Detection in a Range of Relevant Electrolytes via Direct Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Techniques ACS CATALYSIS Nielander, A. C., McEnaney, J. M., Schwalbe, J. A., Baker, J. G., Blair, S. J., Wang, L., Pelton, J. G., Andersen, S. Z., Enemark-Rasmussen, K., Colic, V., Yang, S., Bent, S. F., Cargnello, M., Kibsgaard, J., Vesborg, P. K., Chorkendorff, I., Jaramillo, T 03/2019; : PDF icon acscatal.9b00358.pdf