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Ryan Streams: How EPA’s changing Greenhouse Gas Inventory is redefining methane emissions mitigation

Event Details:

Thursday, October 26, 2023
10:30am - 11:30am PDT



This event is open to:

General Public

EPA’s recently proposed updates to the Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program for the oil and gas industry will completely overhaul how companies track and reduce methane emissions. Learn how these proposed changes interact with the OOOOb and OOOOc methane leak detection and mitigation standards, as well as with the methane fees laid out in the Inflation Reduction Act.

Attendees will gain insights on the biggest changes to EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Reporting Program, and what it’s likely to mean for companies as they grapple with new methane fees. Ryan will share learnings from Kairos Aerospace’s own work with the nation’s leading oil and gas upstream and midstream companies, as well as what these findings mean for the future of the industry and our efforts to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.


Ryan Streams joined Kairos Aerospace in 2018 and as the Vice President of Policy and External Affairs, he develops and executes the Kairos policy advocacy and regulatory product strategies. Ryan’s deep policy expertise is used by customers to better understand the methane policy landscape and ensure their business strategy is aligned with regulatory risks and opportunities.

Ryan began his career working with the Department of Energy, University of Utah, and the oil and gas industry on carbon capture, utilization, and storage projects in the oilfield. He also worked at the State of Utah on energy technology commercialization. Immediately before joining Kairos, Ryan was the Regulatory Affairs Manager at Western Energy Alliance, a Denver-based trade association for the oil and gas industry. He represented oil and gas companies on air quality and climate policies impacting oil and gas development. He led coalitions of dozens of oil and gas operators to build consensus and advocate for balanced environmental regulations.

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