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Lara Owens of Rocky Mountain Institute talks about the MiQ Certification, a standard developed in partnership with SYSTEMIQ.

Reducing methane emissions from oil and gas operations is among the most significant actions we can take in the near term to help avert catastrophic climate change. Fortunately, many of the tools and methods needed to substantially reduce emissions in the natural gas production sector already exist and can be implemented today to deliver fast outcomes. MiQ has designed a certification system which, adopted at scale, will create a differentiated market for natural gas for buyers and sellers. This system will create the pricing signals for the sector to invest in abatement technology and practices enabling the significant methane reductions necessary to support global climate targets. MiQ Certification will be assessed against the MiQ Standard. The Standard goes beyond simple emission factors, to bring rigor across three metrics for methane emissions management in an independent and third-party audited system. The Standard is compatible with existing voluntary schemes as well as regulatory frameworks, and will evolve as technologies and best practices improve. We hope to demonstrate that a globally adoptable methane-reduction standard can effectively reduce emissions, while enabling the oil and gas industry and other technical service suppliers to profitably capture methane using the value of the currently wasted gas as a powerful motivator.

Bio: Lara Owens, PhD, PG is a manager in RMI’s Climate Intelligence program, focusing on accelerating efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from global oil and gas supply chains. Prior to joining RMI, she worked at Mercury NZ and Ormat Technologies Inc as a technical geochemical expert, overseeing geothermal exploration and development, reservoir management, process chemistry, operational efficiency, and environmental compliance. Her work has traversed greenfields, drilling campaigns and powerplants in over 40 countries. Lara received her MSc & PhD in Geochemistry from New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, and BS in Geosciences from Pennsylvania State University.

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