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GTI’s Differentiated Gas Initiative: A pathway from estimated to actual methane emissions

12:30-1:30pm PT

To attend, email Evan Sherwin at for a link.

Research has demonstrated a frequent gap between bottom-up emission factor based inventories and top down measurements. This mismatch illustrates a need for measurement-informed emissions inventories as a criterion for differentiating gas on an emissions basis. Erin will share the vision, mission and approach behind GTI’s newly announced Differentiated Gas Initiative. The Initiative is structured to develop a harmonizing framework for differentiated gas, create measurement and reconciliation protocols to validate emissions inventories with measurements, and validate the framework and protocols through pilot projects. Erin will share how GTI’s new Initiative could underpin methane emissions reductions strategies and positively support the oil and gas companies and stakeholders grappling with ambitious emissions reductions targets.

Dr. Erin Tullos is the Senior Director for Gas Transition Solutions at the Gas Technology Institute, where she spearheads GTI’s efforts to build new, innovative methane emissions reduction strategies at an industrial scale. Focusing on leveraging gases, fuels, and infrastructure in the global transitions to low-cost, low-carbon energy systems, Erin utilizes her deep expertise in methane emissions mitigation to build coalitions of partners across the natural gas value chain. She is also a Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Texas at Austin, researching methane emissions and mitigation. She holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Ph.D., both in Physical Chemistry from Texas A&M University. Prior to her current roles, she worked in industry, where previous responsibilities included managing a portfolio of federal air regulations (advocacy and compliance support), as a refinery environmental regulatory advisor and in research.