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NGI Workshop: Advances in conversion of methane to fuels and chemicals

Event Details:

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

This workshop is a collaboration of the Stanford Natural Gas Initiative (NGI) and the Stanford Center for Interface Science and Catalysis (SUNCAT)

Thanks to recent progress in unconventional oil and gas development technology, natural gas production and resources in North America are at all time highs, making methane an abundant and affordable feedstock. The only industrial process that converts methane into valuable chemicals is steam reforming, which provides syngas and utilizes large amounts of energy. Obtaining liquid fuels or other larger chemicals in a direct process starting from methane represents a great opportunity for a paradigm shift in the energy, chemical, and transportation industries. For this to happen, big challenges have to be overcome in order to activate the methane molecule at low temperatures and in a selective manner. Opportunities and challenges in the area of methane conversion to liquid fuels and chemicals are the subject of this focused workshop, which will bring together Stanford faculty, researchers, and students and representatives of industrial affiliate member companies. The goals of this workshop are to develop a shared understanding of the state of the science, align academic and industry perspectives on the obstacles and opportunities in this field, and define promising paths forward to help direct research and development priorities.

Key Topics to be Addressed

  1. Methane conversion with Thermal Process
  2. Methane Conversion with Electrochemical Processes
  3. Conversion of Other Natural Gas Compounds (e.g. Propene)

Admission: NGI and SUNCAT members and Stanford affiliates

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