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NGI Week: Methane Conversion and Utilization: Ideas for a Natural Gas-Powered Future

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Thursday, October 10, 2019

Methane Conversion and Utilization: Ideas for a Natural Gas-Powered Future

The utilization of natural gas, and methane in particular, for the production of chemical building blocks that are currently derived from oil or coal and for the production of materials of technological interest such as carbons and fibers are of growing interest due to the availability of this resource and its lower impact on emissions. However, issues in the current processes related to inefficient or unselective catalysts for performing these transformations still hinder the full impact of natural gas as a high-value chemical resource. Materials and processes, and the fundamental science to achieve them, to take advantage of such opportunities need to be developed and studied.

Along these lines, we are excited to organize this year's NGI workshop on "Methane conversion and utilization: ideas for a natural gas-powered future" to discuss the latest developments in this field. Following successful workshops in 2016 and 2017, we are bringing back together Stanford faculty and industrial partners to share ideas around the conversion and utilization of methane, touching on topics such as the production of fuels and chemicals, thermo-, electro-, photochemical and biological approaches for its conversion, and utilization of natural gas as a feedstock for materials. The format will include short presentations from Stanford and industry leaders followed by in-depth panel discussions. The event will conclude with laboratory tours followed by a reception and poster session from Stanford students working on these topics.

Admission: NGI Members and Guests

Presentations (password required)

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