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Successful Fall Meetings and Workshops

NGI convened a series of events in recent months at Stanford on a number of topics central to natural gas.

In September we hosted a workshop on methane conversion titled “From methane to liquid fuels and beyond: opportunities for a natural gas powered future”. The workshop was attended by subject matter experts from Stanford, industrial affiliate member companies, and government and featured in-depth discussion of promising research directions in methane conversion.

The NGI Industrial Affiliates meeting was held on October 12th and was attended by nearly 100 people from Stanford and 28 other organizations. Topics ranged across the natural gas landscape and included natural gas and renewables, global natural gas markets, natural gas as a transportation fuel, and natural gas reservoir development. (See meeting materials)

Our second NGI workshop was held November 14th and 15th and addressed the topic of detecting and quantifying natural gas leakage. 50 subject matter experts from 32 organizations participated in the workshop, which will result in published results in 2017.

A number of smaller meetings were held throughout the fall at Stanford and beyond on topics such as natural gas development in the Middle East and the future of the global methanol economy.

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