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NGI Briefs


NGI holds Methane Emissions Symposium of world-class methane experts Evan Sherwin, Jeff Rutherford, Yuanlei Chen, Adam Brandt 06/2021; PDF icon NGI-Brief_2021-06_Methane Emissions Symposium.pdf
Five Lessons for the Future of Natural Gas in Sub-Saharan Africa Mark Thurber 05/2021; PDF icon NGI_Brief_2021-05.pdf
The Hydrogen Opportunity Gireesh Shrimali, Naomi Boness 01/2021 01/2021; PDF icon NGI_Brief_2021-01_R4.pdf


Natural gas conversion to fuel and chemicals: opportunities and challenges Naomi Boness, Mark Zoback 10/2020; 10 PDF icon Natural Gas Briefs, No10, October 2020
Finding super-emitting natural gas leaks from the sky Evan Sherwin, Adam Brandt 07/2020; 6 PDF icon Natural Gas Briefs, No9, June 2020


Paradigm Shift in Leak Detection Pierre-Alexandre Gross, Ehsan Sadeghipour 10/2019; 6 PDF icon Natural Gas Briefs, No8 September 2019


A Personal Journey Through Data Science Jef Caers 09/2018; 6 PDF icon Natural Gas Briefs, No7 September 2018
Seeing Across Scales: Understanding methane emissions from the U.S. gas industry A. Brandt and A. Ravikumar 08/2018; 6 PDF icon Natural Gas Briefs, No6 August 2018
Getting to Zero: Eliminating Methane Emissions from the Oil and Gas Industry A. Ravikumar and A. Brandt 07/2018; 8 PDF icon Natural Gas Briefs, No5, August 2018
Gas-fired generation in a high renewables world Mark Thurber 06/2018; 8 PDF icon Natural Gas Briefs, No4, June 2018


The costs of fossil-free development Mark Thurber 03/2017; 8 PDF icon Natural Gas Briefs, No3, March 2017
Can Methane Hydrates Spark Another Natural Gas Revolution? Brad Ritts 01/2017; 5 PDF icon Natural Gas Briefs, No2, January 2017


Why Isn’t Natural Gas in India’s Climate Strategy? Mark Thurber 09/2016; PDF icon Natural Gas Brief, No1, September 2016.