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NGI Research Focus Area Leaders

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Integration of Gas and Renewables

  • Gas for reliability
  • Energy storage
  • Gas and electricity integration
  • Retail markets and demand response

Energy Access and Energy Equity

Leaders: Noami Boness Mark Thurber Frank Wolak

  • Gas distribution utilities
  • Gas infrastructure models
  • Emerging markets
  • Reliability in nascent grids

Methane Conversion to Liquid Fuels & Chemicals

Leaders: Matteo Cargnello Tom JaramilloXiaoling Zheng

  • Methane to hydrogen and high value carbon products
  • Novel catalyst design and synthesis
  • Pathways to e-fuels (e.g., methanol, ammonia)

Hydrogen Economy

Leaders: Noami BonessTom JaramilloXiaoling Zheng

  • Liquid carriers for transportation
  • Generation from natural gas
  • Storage and distribution
  • Decarbonization of natural gas

Global Markets & Governance

Leaders: Mark Thurber Frank Wolak

  • Energy security
  • Climate and Environmental policy
  • LNG global markets
  • Gas for seasonal swing

Subsurface Solutions

Leaders: Noami BonessTapan MukerjiTony Kovscek

  • Underground molecule storage
  • Natural hydrogen deposits
  • Co-located energy production and CO2 storage